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21 April 2025 @ 06:36 pm
Blogcrews/rates and stuff.  

Rated as Poland @ hetalia_rate

*newest additions are at the top of each section

Rated as Masaomi Kida @ durararating

Matched with China @ hetalia_rate 

@ hetalia_rate 

Rated as Sungmin @ suju_rating :DDDDD 

All I need to get through the day is a cup of coffee and Alfred F. Jones

This summer,
I'm going on a
holiday to Spain!

ice cream is
sweet, but
Matthew Williams
is sweeter。

♥ [France] ♥
Somewhere beyond the sea Somewhere waitin' for me
My lover stands on golden sand
And watches the ships that go sailin'

I treasure

Italy's white flag

as much as I t r e a s u r e its owner.

a fairy king
amidst the gardens of

I'm late, I'm late
to a very
important date with [Toris Lorinaitis] ...
To our place in w o n d e r l a n d

❝Ah, with just a stroke of paint,
wonderful world can be seen.❞

North Italy
Your vitals regions are MINE!
●/PERSONA # Ryoji Mochizuki~♥\

Lee Sungmin is the syrup to my pancakes.

If you lost your virginity, chances are [ZhouMi] probably has it.

My Doll Collection

With 'Kihae' life couldn't get better

纯爱 >> → [ Shiwon x Hankyung ] ← << 纯爱
What happens in China, stays in China

[Henry Lau] and I love to watch the clouds together for hours on end to see if we can spot a heart-shaped one.

Zhou Mi is forever flawless

☀ this quote by Lee Hyukjae pwns my ass "Nice weather!~"

☀ this quote by Lee Donghae pwns my ass "Okay we can!"

Lee HongKi blows my storm clouds away

Kim Hyunjoong is my cuppycake

Lee Donghae is my cuppycake

Kim Junsu is my personal maid!

{APRIL FOOL'S!} No! I'm not lying! Shim Changmin is my personal theme song writer and Kim Kibum is my online boyfriend. For real.

☆» § I may be clumsy ; I may be dorky , but || Kim Kibum Photobucket|| can’t help FLL!nG in LVE with ME!! § «☆

Lee Sungminis my SKY

彡 i have a secret HEART for [Kangteuk!]

Lee Sungmin is my sunshine

love2(김영운(Kim Youngwoon / Kangin)x박정수(Park Jungsu / Eeteuk))

Kihae makes me happy in the pants.

[Kibum] x [Donghae] is my number one OTP~

Be my Easter bunny → [기범/Kibum!] ←

Lee Sungmin ♥

is my OTP

Eeteuk + Janette » otp!

김기범(Kim Kibum) + »
internet obsession!!

허영생(Heo YoungSaeng) + »
internet obsession!!

☆彡rofflecakes banged Lee Sungminlike a screendoor in a HURRICANE彡☆

Azn Dreamerz Blog Crew
[Park Jung su (Eeteuk~)]

Lee HongKi is my Mrs.Claus

Attending the wedding of Kim Yehsung x Kim Ryeowook ~

《 Janette ⇔ "Kim Youngwoon (Kangin) ¤ genderbender!Park Jungsu (Eeteuk)"

SM Ent Blog Crew♡ → Kangta

【ミ★ 박정수 / Park Jung Su ░ Asian Male Blogcrew ♥ 】

《 I kissed 박정수 / Park Jung Su ☆ on New Year's 2008

[Kim Kibum] : " Cause I can’t stop thinking bout U, [Janette]."

*Asians Kick Bootie* Blog CrewLee Jun Ki ♥

Feel The ☆Shiny☆ BlogcrewLee HongKi

by absolutehymn007

by untilwegivein 

SJM Support Banners by [info]tokyobirds

By [info]ushiosan

By [info]ushiosan

Made by yoochun_addict

Made by ficklelicity


I LOVE DONG BANG | Credits to Fearless123

I LOVE U KNOW YUNHO | Credits to Fearless123

I LOVE HANA YORI DANGO | Credits to Fearless123

I LOVE HANA YORI DANGO | Credits to Fearless123

I LOVE HANA YORI DANGO | Credits to Fearless123