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16 August 2008 @ 09:26 pm
Tired, bored, dont want to go to work. So 30 minutes ish idk ago, I picked up my sketch pad thing and opened up the picture on the slideshow on my Windows Vista sidebar thing and started drawing Jae. ^^

It's not finished but...

Im done~ ^^

(All pictures taken with camera D:)

20 July 2008 @ 01:05 pm
I stayed home instead of going to to the mall again and made these~~

Icons! 8DCollapse )
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23 April 2008 @ 04:03 pm
I'm making a post of links I would bookmark coz for some reason, my bookmarks keep dissapearing every so often and it's really akfksjf. I can't even remember half of the forums I've signed up to coz I always bookmark the link and they eventually get deleted or something. And I'm making it public because I KNOW i'll forget my LJ password someday and so it's public so i'll be able to find these if I ever forget a link to something that I really really need. Hahah. 8D;

- corinth, unequally yoked

- almond milk vegan ice cream
- kimchi pancakes

- Ben Moss amethyst ring

- Honestly WTF DIY`s
- Honestly WTF DIY -- Lace earrings
- DIY Tiered Lace Shorts
Runway DIY -- Collar accessory

- Hetalia archive

- Posemaniacs

Persona 3 Portable
- Fighting Elizabeth using Orpheus Telos + skills, turns, and attacks
- Fighting Elizabeth additional info
- Elizabeth turn order
- Fighting Elizabeth outline
- Vision quest reward summary
Infinity from vision quest
- Monster weaknesses (scroll to bottom)
- Elizabeth Request guide (FES)
Social Link guide, working girl ver. (P3P)
- Social Link guide, translated (P3P)
- School answers (P3-FES)
- School answer changes from FES ver. (P3P) October exams, #2: Moses
- List of dates, people trapped in Tartarus (P3P)
- List of Heart Items
- Persona 3 Portable strategy guide, translated (P3P)
- Persona 3 Portable FAQ, V3 (P3P)
- Recommended Fusions (P3P, P3)
- Persona 3 FAQ (P3)
- Persona 3 Fusion FAQ (P3)
- Persona 3 Fusion list from FES ver. (P3-FES)
- Persona 3 Portable creating Alice with Megido

Science related
- nutra-smart; low carb deits and ketosis
- science daily; resversatrol may be useful tool to reduce body fat
- science daily; resversatrol content varies in different red wines
- buzzle; insulin resistance diet
- pubmed.gov; effects of grapefruit on weight and insulin resistance
- pubmed.gov; effect of soy protein rich diet on renal function in young adults with DM type1
- nutra-ingredients USA; Danish study finds calcium counteracts effects of dairy fat intake
- kidney.ca; phosphorus
- apjcn; soy protein consumption for renal function
- AJCN - cola's associated with low bone mineral density in older women; Framingham Osteoporosis study
- body fat guide; dietary phosphorus restriction with a raw vegan diet
- What is an antioxidant
- Menstrual cycle and metabolism
- scientific american

ED related
- ED Nutrition Education and Therapy article
- Samaritarians; support
- NEDIC Dr. Rosa Spricer; near uofa ~100-175$
- NEDIC Dr. Joan Johnson; jasper ave, price varies
- NEDIC Dr. Henry Piktel; uofa hospital, covered by provincial healthcare

- Macroeconomics; Supply side
- Grin E-book; U.S. intervention in Nicaragua

- Working in Canada tool
- Dietitians and Nutritionists
- Dietetics community forum


- Hetalia Pixiv tag list (livejournal)
- Hetalia Pixiv tag list


- Persona 3 Portable scans
- Persona 3 fanart scanlations

- Soompi Learn Korean thread
- Korean tutors or schools in Vancouver area?

- Ginger's Soompi

- Hip hop classes in Vancouver area?
- Great Korean resturants in Vancouver area?

- D.I.Y Cutting Mullet hairstyle
- How to apply false eyelashes
- How to fold a muffler
- Wrap towel around your head Korean style
- Nails
- Hairstyle: Soft curls without a curling iron

- Kpop Macros

- Cute love pictures
- Stock pictures

- Ipod Touch
- Softbank 920SC Review
- Unlocked Softbank phones

- Live and Die (Jaeho, Minsu, Yoosu)
- The Inner Workings of Shim Changmin

Persona Kink Fanfiction (Livejournal)
- femc/minato; the space between them
- general; ten years sleeping (and the one time it was two)
- femc/shinjiro; 12/30/2009
- femc/ryoji - the darkness understands
- femc/ken - hello; goodbye

Hetalia fic (Other)
- us/uk; WWII bartender!UK x pilot!america

Hetalia Kink Fanfiction (Livejournal)
- us/uk, fr/can; moulin rouge!au
- us/uk; ame!rage kink
- us/uk; au dimensions (genderbends)
- us/uk; movement of language (teacher!au)
- us/uk; never ballpoints (student!england/teacher!america)
- germany; nation dies for citizen
- us/uk; my grandest creation
us/uk; witness protection AU
- us/uk; another summer day
- england/germany; god has no place here
- spain/romano: definitely memory loss
- heist!au: blood, like pasta, is thicker than water

- word reference; response to pardon or excusez-moi

- Introduction to Korean(Lang. Intro)
- Introduction to Korean : Hangul Chart(Lang. Intro)
- Learn Korean MSN Group
- Learn Korean.com
- Koreanclass101.com
- Hangul Romanization
- Sogang Korean Learning website
- Directory : Korean learning sites
- When to use ieyo and iyeyo?

Chapters : Lets Learn Korean by B.J. Jones (2)

- Wikipedia Phrasebook
- Useful Cantonese phrases
- Learn Cantonese

- Swedish tutorial

Fandom Discography
- SJ Full Discography
- SJ Discography + Downloads
- SM Town Discography + Downloads
- SM Town Discography + Downloads (Torrents)

Fandom lyrics/translation
- Epik High : Pencil Sharpener
- Epik High : Il bun Il cho do
- Korean lyrics source
- Mnet Korean lyrics : Epik High
Chinese romanized lyrics source
- Twins - Lao Shu Da Ai Mi

- Dubaljayu Hairstyles
- Rasysa Hairstyles

- calorie calculator +goal
- cooking nook calorie calculator + goal
- MyPyramid Menu planner
- Livestrong
- Caloriecounter
- List of best healthy low calorie snacks

- Dim Sum Menu items
- Amazing cakes: Katamari Demacy
- Amazing cakes: Various geek cakes
- Amazing cakes: Rubix Cube + recipe
- Special K Chocolate bar

Online buying
- Poise
- Romwe
- Yesasia: Coupon Codes
- Zipia
- TW.Yahoo.com Chinese clothes buy online

Clothes (Misc.)
- High waisted skirt
- Korean Towel Sheep head
- MissDIOR Couture

- Sephora : Bare Escentuals i.d. bareMinerals SPF15 Powder Foundation
- Clinique : Line Smoothing Concealer

- KRY audio rips : MP3
- Kiss the Radio(old photos)
- Kiss the Radio(new photos)
- Super Junior Random Pairing Generator
- Super Junior Kiss the Radio tutorial
- Super Junior M videos with subs
- Super Junior Daum fan cafe (2)
- Super Junior Daum fan blog search (Sungmin)
- Super Junior Daum fan blog (Sungmin picspam)
- Super Junior Cyworld entries & Photos
- Super Junior Daum video Yehwook (streaming)

- BoA HQ MVs

- GOE-SS Subs : DBSK (2006/02/21 Park Jun Hyung FM Inkigayo) Changmin
- DBSK and Big Bang MKMF Performances
- Kpop album downloads
- Mnet M!Countdown
- SBS Inkigayo rankings

- Rose print top
- hooded vest + tee
- hooded print raglan top
- short sleeve striped long top

- Soshified Forums
- It's AST1 Forums
- Soshihoney Forums
- Circle lens buying Forums
- Lensaholics Forums
- Downparadise (Fr) forum

Music blog
- Masa MIXES
- Spazzes (Wordpress)
- Asian Instrumentals
- Euphoniks R&B Hip hop
- Kpop Video and MV downloads
- Cantonese Christmas Classics
- Eurovision related album downloads: Sweden

Streaming/Downloads : TV shows, movies, dramas
- Gossip Girl(streaming)
- CTV : Gossip Girl(streaming)
- Silent Regrets: Download Hana Yori Dango(subbed)
- Silent Regrets: Download Hana Yori Dango 2(subbed)
- Hana Yori Dango the movie (streaming)
- Veronica Mars streaming online

- [DRAMA] 2007 : Witch Yoo hee
- [DRAMA] 2006 : The Biter Bitten (wiki)
- [DRAMA] 2006 : Heart of Greed (wiki)
- [DRAMA] 2008 : Gourmet (Soompi)

Sims 2
- SAU: Sims Artists Union (2)
- Snooty Sims : Career Chance cards
- Dedital Sheep Power (2)
- Garden of Shadows
- Jelly Sims
- A+S = Error
- InBeatz
- LianaSims
- All about style (maternity clothes)
- Elynia (dresses)
- Sims 2 Hairstyle wiki
- Sims 2 Objects page
- About Chemistry of sims (blog)
- About Chemistry of sims (Yahoo answers)
- Fixing flashing blue accessories

- Eprice.TW : Samsung phones
- Samsung.jp Mobile products : 920SC
- Eprice.TW : Samsung Softbank 920SC info
- Eprice.HK : Samsung Softbank 920SC Price
- Eprice.TW : Samsung Softbank 920SC Pictures
- Sogi! Softbank 920SC Pictures
- Just another mobile phone blog(various reviews)
- Eprice.TW : Samsung SGH-M628

Blogging layouts & misc.
- Plurk Layouts
- Plurktionary

- Tutorial : Clubbox no downloading solution

- Cheap airplane tickets
- Dr. Benjamin Gelfant, Vancouver
- Fairview Plastic surgery, Vancouver
- Dr. Robert Thompson, Vancouver

- Make your own Karaoke
- Make your own ringtones
- Generator of sparkly text
- Japanese smileys
- Sunshine Nation 2008(Singing Competition + Calvin & Aaron)

- BounceMS Maplestory private server
- DGemu DS Emulator guide
- Winterbells game
- Roiworld : Dress up game
- Balljointed dolls

- Color Genetics
- Careers for ENFP Personality type
- Horoscopes

- Capital EX presents Birdhouse Factory (2)
- Nails supplies(China Glaze)

- List of Mr. Men (2)
- Yugioh Card Maker

- Steampunk: list of themes
- Writing Steampunk

- LJ Archive
- LJ Book

Celeb blog.
- Jiro's blog
- WuZun's blog
- Calvin's blog
- Aaron's blog

Celeb gallery
- Gossip Girl
- Shinee (Photobucket)

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07 April 2008 @ 06:57 pm
1-29: Super Junior (Zhou Mi, Henry Lau, Lee Donghae, Cho Kyuhyun, HanKyung, Kim Ryeowook)

More Suju!M icons. <3 

More Suju M icons under the cut :DCollapse )

Please comment + credit if you're taking, and do not hotlink. Thank you~
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05 April 2008 @ 01:01 pm
1-10: Super Junior (Choi Shiwon, KyuMin, Kangteuk)
11-14: A'ST1 (Ding Hai Ming/Ha Lee Ming)

Made some pretty icons and thought i'd share. <3~   And YES, AST1 icons. 8D;;  Don't hate them too much, DSP is in charge of how they're promoted.   Also, you might recognize a few of these icons, I edited a few and made them prettier so hopefully someone will like them. :DD

Icons under the cut~ o^^oCollapse )

Please comment + credit if you're taking, and do not hotlink. Thank you~
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16 March 2008 @ 03:29 pm
I LOVE KANGTA. So I'm spamming my friends list again coz I love him and there won't be any Kangta for two years :( Okay. Ignore the random fangirling throughout my.. Kangta!post and yeah. <3 Seriously, listen to some of his music though. sfjksjf. <3

Under the cut. So I don't kill your friends' page. 8DCollapse )
H.O.T. and Debut:
An Chil-hyun was discovered at a theme park called Lotte World at thirteen years of age. He later debuted as Moon Hee Jun's back up dancer. He took the nickname of "Kangta," meaning a powerful blast(?) in Korean (to describe his singing voice). Kangta was one of the lead singers and back-up rappers of the highly successful boyband called H.O.T. (1996 - 2001). H.O.T stands for "High-five of Teenagers."

Solo career / Collaborations:

Solo Career:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Soon after the disbandment of H.O.T. in 2001, Kangta released Polaris which was a huge success. He later released more solo albums, including Pine Tree, Persona, and Eternity. Kangta has also composed and written lyrics for several other groups and singers such as Fly to the Sky and NRG.


Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

"After planning for years, Kangta worked with his celebrity friends Shin Hye-Sung from Shinhwa and Lee Ji Hoon to form the project group S, standing for Supreme. They released their first solo project album called Fr. In. Cl. or Friends in Classic. They have won several awards since then. Their title track, I Swear was written, composed, and arranged by Kangta while Shin Hye Sung wrote the English lyrics." - Wikipedia

Kangta & Vanness

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Aren't they just SO cute together? 8D

In 2006, Kangta and Vanness Wu from the Taiwnese boyband, F4, collaborated and first appeared at the ending ceremony of the 2006 MTV Asia Awards. Their single, Scandal, became largely popular and successful, and a repacked version was released as well. Kangta and Vanness's collaboration was put on hold because of Vanness's busy schedule and Kangta's upcoming military service in 2008.

Translation of an interview in "The Philippine STAR" about the 2006 MTV Asia Awards held in Thailand.

REPORTER NO.1: Who do you think is the better dancer between the two of you?
KANGTA: (As translated by a translator ) We both have different styles.
REPORTER NO.2: How do you feel about being asked to perform at the show's finale?
VANNESS: The experience hasn't sunk in yet.
KANGTA: (This is a great way) to debut our collaboration.
REPORTER NO.3: Vanness, you had a Korean girlfriend. And now yo have a Korean partner. What gives?
VANNESS: It's just a coincidence, I suppose.
KANGTA: (Jokingly ) I am your boyfriend.
VANNESS: No, no, no Brokeback moment in here (laughs ).
KANGTA: (Jokingly, again ) Please love me.
REPORTER NO.4: Why did you two wear black and white outfits?
VANNESS: Uh, we like Oreo cookies (laughs )?
REPORTER NO.5: Vanness, what do you think of Wang Leehom?
VANNESS: He's a great performer. He's my boy.
KANGTA: (Looks hurt ) He's your boy? Please love me.


Recommended songs:
Youtube links, sorry, no downloads~

Kangta - Propose                                       
Kangta - Still with You                                
Kangta - Since You've Gone                        
Kangta - Reminiscence *MUST-HEAR*        
Kangta - Eternity                                        

Kangta - Polaris                                         
Kangta & Vanness - Scandal(Live perf)+(MV) *MUST-HEAR*
Kangta & Vanness - 127 days(Chinese ver.) 

- Kangta's Official Soompi thread
- Kangta's Wikipedia page
- H.O.T.'s Wikipedia page

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25 December 2007 @ 12:58 am
Title: Present
By: jetlagged
Pairing: Kihae(Kibum/Donghae)
Genre: Fluff
Rating: PG13
Warnings:  Kissing, a strange sense of humor, run on sentences, and crappy, cheesy writing ahoy. :D
A/N:  Hooray! It's a Christmas fic! 8DD ..  I mean, I totally didn't start this fic way back in October. Haha. But yeah, I was looking around at all the suju Christmas fics on my friends page, and I decided I'd fix up my super duper old unfinished Kihae Christmas fanfic and put it up on here too.  Merry Christmas :DDDD~


It's just them outside tonight, who luckily managed to escape the loud noise and all the rambunctious boys(which they didn't mind at all, but the younger boy felt he hadn't had a quiet day in a long time).  Originally, it had just been Kibum, who had been followed by an unusually calm Donghae.

Kibum sneaks a glance at his hyung, wondering if he was possibly sick, before settling at looking up to the cold winter sky that Donghae seemed to be so captivated by. 

It's silent for a few minutes, only the sound of the wind ringing in their ears.

"Kibum-ah, do you know what that is?" Donghae asks, pointing up at the snow falling towards them.     

Kibum smiles at his silly question. "Of course I do," he says, "It's snow."

"Wrong." came the reply, the older of the two looking up into the sky again.  "They're presents."

"Presents?" Kibum gives the other boy a strange look.

"Yup," Donghae says.  "They're presents from the aliens, to us."

The younger boy fails to stop himself from laughing out loud.  Aliens?

Donghae glares, and Kibum's eyes widen when a giant snowball out of nowhere is coming right at him and collides with his forehead.

The younger boy starts grabbing at snow until the other takes his hands and declares that he should at least finish the story before it can be laughed at.

"It's true!" he protests.  "It's their way of saying Merry Christmas to us, since we don't speak their language."

Kibum suppresses a laugh and remains silent.

Donghae shuffles a little closer and says, "Oh, and they told me to give you this too."

Kibum raises his eyebrow, and before he knows it, Donghae's lips are being pressed onto his.  Time seems to stop for a moment, only, of course, until the other pulls away abruptly.  "That's gross, hyung," Kibum says, pouting.

"No, I think you mean aliens. A-L-I-E-N-S," corrects Donghae, rolling his eyes.

Kibum chuckles, incredibly amused.  He leans in for another kiss, only for his lips to be met by yet another snowball.

But as long as you love me so, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.


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01 December 2007 @ 02:34 am
Lyrics for BoA's Smile Again

DAYS hibi wa itsumo mawaru koma no you
mukashi ni egaita yume mo nogashisou ni naru
hohoemu chikara wasurete shimatte
namida saemo nagasezu ni kage wo daiteru
kimi demo

*SMILE AGAIN egao wo mou ichido
kokoro no naka hane hiroge
sora ni mukatte miyou
dakara TRY AGAIN yo no naka ni makenaide ite yo
afureru omoi wo shinjite kimi no koto mamoru kara

doushite itsumo hikari kara nigete
hito kage sagashiteta kure you to shiteiru no
wakaranai noni
wakatteru furi de
butsukaru koto wo osorete
hitei shiteiru  boku demo

SMILE AGAIN ookina koe dashite
kokoro no futan okoroshite
kumo ni notte miyou
soshite TRY AGAIN mamotte aishiaou subete wo
sukoshizutsu demo ii aseranai jikan wa mada aru kara


kimi no koto mamoru kara
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24 October 2007 @ 09:03 pm
Title: Song For You
By: jetlagged
Rating: G
Pairing: KyuMin (Kyuhyun/Sungmin)
Genre: Angst/Fluff
Warnings: Based on Super Junior's car accident in 2007.
Summary: When tragedy strikes, familiarity brings calm to the night.
A/N:  So this is my like first ever Super Junior fanfiction, and also probably one of the only piece of writing that I've ever finished for the past year and a half. :D  By the way, the song is Song For You by Super Junior, but in this fic, it isn't. Hehe. :]

Aaand, onto the story.


It was raining that night.

Laughter and music echo through my ears, the lights outside flying by.   It seems like almost an eternity ago, but at the same time, it feels just like yesterday.  Everything goes in slow motion, the words to the song on the radio, Eunhyuk poking at Shin Dong's side, giggling, and you and Eeteuk singing along to the song.  The words are familiar because you and your love always sing that song to you before you go to bed every night.
 "Sarang, hae yo," you sing, glancing at the familiar streets ahead, hoping that you'll arrive soon.  You really want to hear Sungmin's voice, even though you just heard it this morning.
 "Chukbokhae yo.." Eeteuk continues.  "Da-"

A loud screeching noise interrupts him.

And then, it hits us.   

The sickening crunching noise, the screams, and then the pain.

It hurts, so much, and  you can't see or hear anything.    But suddenly, the noise comes back all at once, and over all of the sounds, you can still somehow make out the words to the song. 

"--rui, sarangeul deuryuhyo,"  the radio sings, the music slowly fading.

.. And then everything goes black.



All you can see is white.  

And you think you see someone.. who is that?   Your eyes try to focus, but nothing in particular comes into view.  After what seems like an eternity of lying there, you catch the sight of numerous figures by the door, and one next to you, but you can't find your voice.  You squeeze your eyes shut, and try to move, but your limbs don't respond.  Instead, you feel a shot of pain, and you bite your lip.   The only thoughts you can gather are, 'It hurts, it hurts, it hurts..'

For a minute, you swear you can hear the song again.   
And slowly, you begin to drift off to sleep.


That night is etched into your mind, and your nightmares.    The scene plays over and over again, as distinct as your memory can remember.  Every detail, down to almost every last raindrop, it feels so real every time it repeats in your mind. Whenever  you wake, you find your face is stained with tears and sweat.  You try to move, scream, to do anything, but several tubes and machines prevent you.   Soon you start to fall in and out of consciousness again, but you particularly remember once waking up and someone... Sungmin, is holding your hand.  His eyes are closed, and he looks so exhausted.  You wonder how long he's been waiting, and suddenly you're filled with determination.  

All night, you stay up, trying to say the words he hasn't heard in a long time.   He's asleep, but even so, you believe he'll hear it. 
For hours, you try and try, but they come out as groans and mumbles.  You keep trying, and you don't know why.  

When the sun begins to shine  through the hospital window, you manage to let out an almost audible, "Sarang hae," before your eyelids close on you.


Your eyes flutter open, and you find a pair of eyes hovering over you.  As soon as Sungmin realizes that you're awake, tears immediately spring to his eyes and trails its way down his pretty face, onto your forehead. Searching your love's face, you wonder how long it's been.  You hate to see him cry.  You wish that you could tell him everything will be okay, even though your not even sure if it will ever be. 

"H-h-h-.." you take a deep breath.  "Hyung."

Sungmin grabs your hand.   "Kyuhyun?"

"How long...?" you pause again, ".. has it been?"

He frowns, and it turns into a pout. "Too long."

You feel a smile tug at your lips, and a few moments later, your eyelids start to feel heavy.

Sungmin absentmindedly starts singing their song, repeating the chorus once, twice, and then so many times that he loses count.

"Sarang, hae yo.." he sings, eyes wandering around the room.  "Chukbokha-"

And then he stops abruptly, when his eyes find you.  You hear him say, "You better get well soon, 'kay?"

There is silence.

Gripping his hand tightly, with a tear in your eye,  you silently thank him as he cries next to you.


He isn't there most of the time, because of Super Junior's hectic schedule. Most days you're greeted by the now familiar white walls, and sometimes you wish that the time would pass faster. The days turn into weeks, and soon the doctors are saying you are getting better faster than they'd expected.  You think it's because of Sungmin's visits.    Sungmin tells you that he sings our song whenever he comes to visit so you'll get better.   The day before you're released from the hospital, he's sitting next to your bed again, like he has for the past few months.    He's singing the song again, and for some reason, you never get sick of it.
He smiles brightly, clutching your hands tightly, and then he sings.

"Sarang, hae yo.."

You return his smile and shift a little in the bed.  Now he's staring at the floor, and you wonder what he's thinking about.

 He looks up at you again, and somehow, you can't help but sing along as well.

"Sarang haeyo youngwonhi,"

The same song echoes throughout the room until the break of day, just like it had everytime before the sky darkened, until that night came.


Maybe i'll fix this up more later. But for now,  pleeeease let me know what you thought, Thankyuuuu~ ♥♥♥♥♥ :3

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30 August 2007 @ 03:26 pm

Clickie here for Suju icons :oCollapse )
Feel free to use as long as you comment and credit :3 Thankyou!
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