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À vaillant coeur, rien d'impossible ☆

25 April
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name; janette
gender; female(obviously♥)
from; canada
stats; 5"1, brown eyes, baby hands
ethnicity; chinese
fav. color; pink~

can often be described as; odd, stubborn, cute, nerdface, moody, random, sensitive, honest, easily amused, indecisive, really obvious, obnoxious, loves her coffee, dependable, not the brightest crayon in the box, short, procrastinator, a girl who loves her siestas~

likes; asian culture, cute things, pretty boys, sparkles, shopping, stuffed animals, sanrio, clothes, asian dramas, sleeping, exercising, fandoms, video games, twitter, summer, maple stuff, fashion design, travelling, languages, europe, kim rae won's smile, the beach, singing, dancing, canadian politics, economics, musicals, Persona 3, Axis Powers Hetalia, Glee music, fangirling, memes, fashion, sleeping in, dietetics, ice skating, staying healthy

dislikes; school, closeminded people, when technology fails, repetitiveness, racism, cold weather, helplessness, people who dont keep their promises, liars, telephone marketers, unreasonable responsibility/work load, embarrassment
music; korean, french, japanese, mandarin, cantonese, pop, r&b, hip-hop, dance, electronic, alternative

fav. artists; super junior, snsd/girls generation, sm town, big bang, fahrenheit, mariah carey, son dam bi, h.o.t., kangta, sg wannabe, kim ji eun, lee hyori, kary ng, gem tang, k.will, da mouth, akon, fly to the sky, lena park, namie amuro, flo rida, lenka, beast, t-ara, jay sean, lily allen, owl city, f.cuz, b2st, taylor swift, jason derulo, lady gaga, marie-mai, tinchy stryder, snow patrol, the perishers, mblaq, katy perry, the saturdays, t.i., keri hilson, alizee, usher, shinee, 2NE1, cœur de pirate, the beatles, roch voisine, françois deguelt, m. pokora, matt houston, ariane brunet, tinie tempah, chris holloway, block b, a pink, vanness wu, far east movement, abba, glee cast, onerepublic, girl's day, marc dupré, alfa rococo

currently obsessed with; us/uk in soul eater!au(lol), maple things, canadian politics, twitter, the french language, fashion trends, america/england, sleep, marie-mai, doctor who, desperate housewives, glee

&&more; feel free to friend if we have anything in common :) Make sure to leave a comment otherwise I might not see your friend request~

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